Vardi Leshem Ron specializes in commercial law, contract law, corporate law, local and international transactions, energy sector law and commercial and labor-related arbitration.


The firm provides ongoing counsel to business clients, corporate officers, and senior managers. In this context, the firm counsels on an ongoing, long lasting basis leading commercial entities such as PwC Israel (Kesselman and Kesselman); companies of the Elco Group; Mekorot – Israel’s National Water Company; companies providing trust services in the capital market; Avrech and Avrech-Alon, prominent companies in the fuel sector, clients who are operating gas stations across Israel; companies in the hi-tech and environmental sectors, and others.


The firm handles corporate mergers, acquisitions and transactions in Israel and abroad, and has acquired special expertise in transactions of this type in the fuel and accountancy sectors.


Vardi Leshem Ron specializes in the legal and administrative requirements of establishing corporations and consolidating plans for their business activities.

The firm also specializes in commercial contracts across an extensive range of sectors including employment contracts.


In addition, the firm specializes in providing personal, ongoing counsel to persons holding senior positions in the Israeli market.

Our firm is also active in business arbitration in which our attorneys both represent businesses and serve as arbitrators.