Adv. Shmuel Leshem, a cum laude graduate of Bar Ilan University, was admitted to the Israel Bar in 1992.

While at University he was a member of the editorial board of Bar Ilan University Law Review.

After completing his studies, Adv. Leshem served for five years as assistant to the Legal Adviser for the Judea and Samaria area on taxation and economy matters. While in this role, he was involved in the peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.

He then joined Dr. J. Weinroth & Co, where he worked for seven and a half years and became a partner early in 2000.

In 2002, together with advocates Nimrod Vardi and Alon Ron, he founded the law firm of Vardi Leshem Ron.

Practice Areas
Adv. Leshem specializes in commercial law, contract law, corporate law, local and international transactions, mutual funds and ETNs, energy law, commercial arbitration and labor law, and providing ongoing counsel to business clients, officers, and senior managers.

Adv. Leshem provides ongoing counsel to leading commercial entities, including accountancy firm PwC Israel (Kesselman and Kesselman); the Avrech and Avrech-Alon companies, which are active in the fuel sector, operating filling stations across Israel; companies providing trust services in the capital market; hi-tech companies and others.

Adv. Leshem handles mergers in the accountancy and fuel sectors, the establishment of corporations and consolidation of plans for their corporate activities, and the sale of companies to corporations inIsraeland abroad.

In addition, Adv. Leshem specializes in providing personal and ongoing counsel to senior officers in the Israeli market.

He also deals with business arbitration – whether as representative in such proceedings or as arbitrator.