Adv. Sapir Sulimani was admitted to the Israeli Bar in 2017.


Adv. Sulimani holds an LL.B. in Law, from The College of Management Academic Studies.


Adv. Sulimani was previously with the law firon M.Firon & Co., where she completed her internship. Adv. Sulimani joined Vardi Leshem Ron in 2018.

Practice Areas
Adv. Sulimani specializes in real estate and commercial law. In the field of real estate, Adv. Sulimani represents VLR’s clients in a variety of real estate transactions, including sale and long-term lease agreements for commercial space, as well as business and private properties and in dissolution of co-ownership proceedings. In addition, Adv. Sulimani represents contractors in the construction of projects, TAMA 38 agreements, urban regeneration, acquisition groups and more. Adv. Sulimani further advises the firm’s clients in their interaction with the various authorities, and she also specializes in property taxation. In the commercial field, Adv. Sulimani mainly advises private companies, from their establishment and throughout their ongoing business.