Adv. Naama Kessler, a graduate of Tel Aviv University (LL.B with a major in management), was admitted to the Israel Bar in 2015.


During her studies, Adv. Kessler worked as a pre-intern at the office of Adv. Judith Meisels, who specializes in family and probate law.

After completing her studies, Adv. Kessler joined Gross, Kleinhendler, Hodak, Halevy, Greenberg & Co. as an intern in the litigation department, and later worked as an attorney in the energy, infrastructure and antitrust departments.

Adv. Kessler joined Vardi Leshem Ron in 2016.

Practice Areas
Adv. Kessler specializes in civil, commercial and criminal litigation, and represents the firm’s clients in legal proceedings in all courts, including arbitration and mediation proceedings, in the following areas: contracts, corporations, tenders, administrative law, real estate, tort, inheritance, probate and more.